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  • EuroNewsweek welcomes contributors able to deliver high-quality content covering areas such as marketing, technology, business, lifestyle and sustainability. Be it to share your expertise, build online presence, or both, well-crafted content will always be something we would be interested to see. Before applying to join our community of regular contributors, please read our guidelines:
    1. Only an approved contributor profile will be able to post content on a regular basis.
    2. To submit your request to be considerate as EuroNewsweek contributor, use the form at the end of this guideline and add three article samples and a short bio (yourself, not a business).
    3. Your profile Bio can have up to 50 words and must include your name and profession.
    4. We don’t accept overly self-promoting content.
    5. All submitted content should aim to offer free information within marketing, technology, business, lifestyle and sustainability areas. Any content that falls outside that scope will be automatically refused.
    6. You must be the author of any written content submitted
    7. Quotes from a third-party source, whenever used, must be accompanied with source’s name and surname, profession and location following the format:
    Ana Smith – Freelance digital marketer, Denver, USA. Or Ana Smith – Digital marketer at Yellow Door Designer, Denver, USA.
    1. Articles should be at least 700 words in length. The maximum accepted length is 1500 words, including title. Photo captions are not included as part of the word count of your article.
    2. You must be the author, or have permission to use, any submitted image. In case you don’t have images to illustrate your piece, we accept images from copyright free platforms such as and
    3. Only articles in English are considerate for publication.
    4. Please carefully double-check grammar and spelling before submitting your content.
    5. Any article promoting gambling, illegal substances, or adult content will be automatically refused.
    6. EuroNewsweek is not a platform for press releases publishing. In order to be accepted, as content, your article will have to be presented in a friendly readable flow – think storytelling.
    7. Publication of phone numbers, emails, or any other form of contact, is strictly prohibited.
    8. Only insert links (up to two per article) that are relevant to your content and add real value to our readers. Any link that may be considered an advertisement, within your submitted content, will be removed prior to approval and publication.
    9. If you require an interview or article to promote your business, including do-follow links and a deeper coverage or a product or service, you are welcome to reach out to our advertising team to discuss your needs and how we can help you to gain media exposure.
    10. Any duplicated contributor profile will be deleted, and the author banned from the platform.
    11. Content is reviewed by real editors, not robots, to ensure quality at all times.
    12. By submitting a request to become a contributor you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the platform and its fair also applies for your future posts, once approved as a contributor.
    13. For questions not covered by our contributor’s guidelines, please reach out using the contact form here.
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