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Which social media app will you be using the most for your business in 2022?



Group of young marketing professionals working at a Marketing agency
Instagram and Facebook remain relevant, but the Meta-owned platforms are far from being the only places businesses will be spending their budgets this year

The business world may be returning to a certain degree of normality, after almost two years of ups and downs. But when it comes to digital marketing, it is very unlikely we will see budgets similar to the ones prior to the global pandemic.

Tight budgets at the beginning of the new year calls for creativity from social media force brands and marketers, with an emphasis on prioritising the platforms that bring the best value for money.

So, off I went to ask entrepreneurs and digital professionals: Which social media app will you be using the most, for business, in 2022?

The usual suspects, Instagram and Facebook, popped up as often as we would expect. However, the Meta-owned platforms are far from being the only places businesses will be spending time and money to engage with their audiences this year. Tik Tok, YouTube and even Pinterest are amongst the top platforms expected to be the go-to places for businesses promoting their products, services, and core values in 2022.

Here is a selection of businesses already prioritizing one social media platform, over another, to maximize their cash and efforts.


Tik Tok to share bite-sized information

“As an owner of a social media marketing agency, social media is a huge part of our daily strategy, not only for us as a business, but for all of our clients. In 2022, Instagram, along with TikTok, will both continue to be our biggest focus for our clients. TikTok, in particular, has been very successful for our clients to share their knowledge and expertise in their prospective industries. We’re finding that audiences prefer to see fun, useful, bite sized information through video clips that they can save, share and engage with.”

Cassie Galasetti – co-founder at Social Sidekick


Instagram remains a dominant platform within wellness segment

“We are a social media marketing agency focusing on wellness eCommerce brands. Instagram continues to be a dominant platform for the businesses we work with, but TikTok is inching its way up as a competing platform in 2022. We are getting more and more requests for TikTok management and, therefore, we know it is a platform most brands within our space want to have a presence on in 2022.”
Sandra Young – Founder at Social Styles Marketing


YouTube Shorts to skip ad costs

“As an online luxury lifestyle & travel brand, this year we will heavily be focusing on TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts. These have proven to drive the most traffic to our brand allowing us to increase our reach without paying for ads.”
Jessica Hanna – CEO at World Chic


Pinterest for its search engine power

“You can continue to receive traffic well after your initial post (or Pin as Pinterest calls it) goes live.
Many other platforms primarily drive traffic 24-48 hours after a post goes live. Then, traffic eventually tapers off. But with Pinterest, we drove hundreds of thousands of pageviews in 2021 from old Pins. And will continue to do so in 2022.”

Becky Brook – Digital Marketing Manager at online publisher The Close


YouTube to showcase work culture

“We have had huge success with launching a weekly agency vlog, last year, to showcase our people, our work, and our culture, all through very casual and real videos on YouTube. We have found that the vlog pops up in conversation with clients, new leads and within the industry – we are now known for it. Not only has the vlog benefitted our sales pipeline, but we have become a workplace that many aspire to work in. While LinkedIn is another social media app that has helped market out business, YouTube has really helped our employer brand.”

James Hayward-Browne – Marketing Manager at Rise at Seven


Targeting where my customers are
“It’s not so much a question of which platform is best, but where your target customer spends time so you can reach them there. We are using Instagram mainly in 2022 and Facebook as our target customer uses these two platforms – Instagram mainly over Facebook.”
Nadin Thomson – Digital Marketing and Web Design at Business Image


Hospitality industry in the UK threatened by staff shortages



Two housekeepers making a hotel bed
Housekeepers are expected to receive a 7.4% pay rise, but UK businesses still struggle to recruit staff | Photo: Liliana Drew

The hospitality and leisure sector’s post-pandemic recovery, in the UK, could be severely hampered by the lack of staff, a new report from a British bank has revealed.

“UK Hospitality’s Next Challenge”, a study from Barclays Corporate Banking, shows that the release of pent-up consumer demand for socialising, holidays and experiences following the pandemic has given a boost to the sector. Over three quarters (77%) of H&L operators are confident of growth this year, and had predicted an average 30.5% uplift in revenue compared with pre-pandemic levels. This equates to a £36bn² rise in annual turnover over 2019, and a £54bn increase on 2021.

However, the predicted growth could be stifled by soaring supplier costs and a scramble for talent. Hospitality and leisure businesses report that their transport costs have already spiked by over 38% year-on-year on average, and their utility bills by 37%.

Meanwhile, over nine in 10 (94%) hospitality and leisure businesses are struggling to recruit personnel, with vacancies for cleaning staff (20%), front of house staff (18%), and delivery staff (16%) causing the most issues. There are particularly acute shortages of cleaners in the East Midlands and the East of England (28%).

Almost a fifth (16%) of bars and restaurants are finding it difficult to hire waiting staff, and over two fifths of gyms and leisure centres (42%) cannot find fitness instructors. Recruitment issues also extend to back-of-house and C-suite roles: 17% of operators are having trouble sourcing finance staff and 16% said the same about senior management positions.

“Crucially for the industry, our research shows that talent shortages are also a major concern, with businesses in every vertical finding it challenging to fill their vacancies. It means there is now an added imperative for hospitality and leisure firms to find new and novel ways to recruit, reward and retain their staff.” – says Mike Saul, Head of Hospitality and Leisure at Barclays Corporate Banking.

Hospitality and leisure operators are already establishing new incentives to recruit and retain talent, including permanent work flexibility, the introduction of bonuses, and an increase in staff welfare budgets.

Almost one in five employers (19%) have also increased wages given to staff. Senior managers are set to receive the biggest boost to their pay packets, with an average increase of 7.7% – equivalent to £2,014 a year for a full-time worker. Delivery riders, housekeepers and kitchen staff are also expected to see their wages rise in 2022.

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Contemporary artist Demit Omphroy partners with GAP for NTF collection



Artists Demit Omphroy on the streets
Partnership: the limited-edition is Demit Omphroy’s first digital series of NFTs | Photo: Instagram

Contemporary artist and former professional soccer player Demit Omphroy is partnering with GAP for its third collection of limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As the brand, founded in 1969, continues to explore new channels to engage customers in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, this spring, Demit launched a limited-edition graphic tee collection featuring his unique and recognizable work, and now the artist is launching his first NFTs with Gap. Demit’s art depicts life through vibrant colors and an expressionistic style, seeing the world through his inner child.  

“My work is playful, expressive, and simplistic, yet loaded with emotion. Being able to express myself through a new digital medium and collaborate with Gap, one of the most iconic brands in history, is exciting for me as a creator.” – celebrates the American artist who is also a citizen of Panama and the Philippines through descent.

On June 15, the One of a Kind digital auction will begin, featuring single edition digital art and a custom, hand-painted Gap denim jacket by Demit.  

In July, Gap x DOGAMÍ NFT wearables will launch as the first fashion collaboration in the petaverse. Digital Gap logo hoodies specifically designed for DOGAMÍ avatars will engage players to express their virtual pet’s individual style that will have a direct impact on game stats. 

“Partnering with unique artists and creators is a cornerstone of our NFT program,” – says Chris Goble, Chief Product Officer at Gap. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Demit and to create this vibrant collection of NFTs and product that amplifies his voice and represents his distinct individual style.”  

The Gap Threads marketplace and DOGAMÍ are both built on Tezos, a more energy efficient blockchain, allowing for minimal energy consumption and a low carbon footprint. Customers can also join Gap’s Discord server to connect, engage, and foster a community with other fans of Gap NFTs. The Discord server can be accessed at

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Samsung showcases bespoke appliances at EuroCucina 2022



Models showcasing a new Samsung kitchen in Milan
Ready to cook: Samsung is showcasing its new appliances in Milan, including an oven that uses intuitive AI technology

Samsung Electronics is showcasing its latest home appliance technologies at the EuroCucina 2022 event, a biennial exhibition dedicated to the world of kitchen furnishings being held in Milan, Italy.

The South Korean multinational founded in in the 60’s is using 800m2 booth to display a bespoke products in various themes including modern and European stylings. It is the first time the brand is showcasing the new home products in Europe, with visitors being able to experience how some appliances of their latest range can intelligently work together to automate everyday tasks with Samsung’s SmartThings Home Life, a hub for six major home services.

“We are pleased to be back at the EuroCucina event, this year showcasing our all-new Bespoke Home 2022 lineup of products for the European consumers and we are excited for visitors to enjoy a comprehensive look at how our latest innovations come together to offer leading home life experiences.” – says Martin Kanghyup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics referring to a new range of appliances. Some of them are using intuitive AI technology and an advanced steam cooking function to make preparing meals more convenient.

The EuroCucina 2022 expo will run until next Sunday, June 12th, and over 100 companies are taking part this year.

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