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The key to Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns



Marketer preparing a Influencer Marketing campaign
An influencer is much more likely to tag you in future posts if they know you'll always share the love back | Photo: Kelly Sikkema

Influencer Marketing isn’t exactly something new and, even before the first ever social media post in online history landed, people with the power to influencer others were already getting paid to do exactly that. This is a point that Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO at USA marketing agency Mavens & Moguls, recalls.

“When I started my marketing career in 1990 there was no social media and brands had to pay a lot of money to celebrities to endorse their products. Today, small businesses can successfully advertise and promote their brands online without spending tons on traditional media by leveraging the internet and online marketing. Research shows that peers and influencers actually carry more weight today with consumers than paid endorsements.” – reveals Arnof-Fenn, a former VP of marketing at Zipcar.

“My best tip for a successful influencer marketing campaign is to utilize a mix of influencer types. Instead of just focusing on the most popular/branded individual influencers, you should include internal experts, micro-influencers, niche expert prospects, and customers in your influencer marketing mix. Receiving multiple perspectives and insights always enriches the discussion and generates more activity online. In the end, doing your homework is key to success.”

The good news is that, over the past year, the number of people with potential to land real influence to your campaign have increased exponentially, with more of us spending time online to consume content and share our views.

“A shift that happened during the 2020 pandemic is an influx in social media participation and a widening in scope of who is considered influential. With this increase in the number of people turning to social media to meet their needs, the opportunity to share brand awareness through everyday people, entrepreneurs, and even celebrities have increased. The trick is to find the right voices that fit your brand and goals, not the most popular ones. I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I have shared products with each other and all immediately invested. It is about trust at the end of the day.” – says Jessica Fonseca, SVP of Influencer Marketing at Los Angeles-based PR agency at Pink Shark PR.

“A trick I use to find the right content creators is to analyse a brand’s analytics, see who their typical buyers are, and then approach them with a mutually-beneficial offer. I cherry-pick the influencers who vibe with a brand and its initiatives by searching hashtags, demographics, and location. When you find the right voices, they’ll be willing to share your products or services because they truly love what you offer. You can also extend to using small commission-based opportunities for creators. This not only supports the creator but also provides them with an incentive to continue posting about your product.” – explains Jessica.

I spoke to seasoned content creators, marketeers, and business owners using influencer marketing to identify simple-to-follow tips when working with content creators for a campaign.


Personalise it

“To experience a successful influencer marketing campaign, you need customized content as per the influencer’s persona. I have been working on influencer marketing on Instagram for the last 3 years with good, average, and bad results depending on the period of time. During the last few campaigns I have noticed that the followers of the influencer don’t like advertisements in the content, so you need to integrate the offer in a subtle way. This subtle approach needs to also generate a good amount of engagement, clicks and impressions for the post and story.”

Nizar Ali Bachlani – Partnerships, influencers and affiliates at


Repost content from creators

“What people often forget to do with influencer marketing is repost the influencer’s content! An influencer is much more likely to tag you in future posts if they know you’ll always share the love back. Whenever they tag you, be sure to share that content to your story and profile. It’s a great way to show influencers you appreciate them!”

Liz Jeneault – VP of Marketing at


Influencers need creative freedom

“We experienced success and ROI on a project after changing the way we briefed creators. We decided to give them a chance to do their own thing, that their audience will love.
When the creator has some creative freedom, your success boils down to having in-depth documentation on branding. This includes everything from logo placement, recommended slogans, talking points, and key unique value propositions.
This helps make sure that the production value of how your brand is presented shines.

Domantas Gudeliauskas – Marketing Manager at AI-powered website builder Zyro


Start with people around you

“I prefer to find influencers amongst our employees and our customers as opposed to working with strangers off the internet as content creators. The former already like our product and service, meaning they are oftentimes willing to work for store credit or free products instead of insisting on thousands of dollars for a social post. The characteristics of this partnership also mean the promotion is much more authentic because it’s organically driven.”

John Frigo – Influencer Marketing Manager at www.MySupplementStore.Com


Know what you want

“Specifying your exact requirements to an influencer is key. If you want text/tags/swipe ups/gifs/codes, then make sure you include these in your briefing. Detail if you want the influencer to add their creativity to it or if you will be providing all the content. Clarity is key for influencers when working with marketers. Otherwise, influencers will naturally have their own spin on the collaboration and might miss something you wanted but didn’t articulate to them.”

Kristie Bennett – Content creator and Winner of Australian Survivor


Start an authentic relationship before any campaign

“It’s important to speak with the influencer as if they are a new friend. Without asking for something right from the start, the best practice is to set up 4 touchpoints, spaced 1 week apart. This can be a comment, like, DM or repost. It’s only when the influencer has engaged, and the relationship has started to be built, that we approach the content creator. Authenticity is key.”

Myriah Castillo – Digital Marketing Manager at


Make it mutually beneficial

“We are a 100% female run e-commerce social enterprise founded in 2015. Based on our experience, it is important to remember that a successful influencer partnership is a two-way street. Take the time to brainstorm ways you can help the influencer build on their own brand through the partnership, such as by exposing them to your own audience. By making the relationship as mutually beneficial as possible, it is more likely that your influencer will be motivated to make the campaign a success for both of you.”

Jessica Rose – Chief Executive Officer at


Check authentic engagement, not just your number of followers

“Since we’re in the sneaker & streetwear industry, the influencer marketing opportunities are endless. We have tried many different campaigns with influencers, and we found that the key to a profitable influencer marketing campaign is an authentic influencer with a loyal community. You need to spend time reviewing the influencer and his community. How loyal and engaged are these people? How authentic is the influencer while engaging with them? Spend some time learning about the “Like:Follower Ratio”, too, and never just look at the follower count of an influencer.

We found that the more loyal the community is and the more authentic the influencer is, the more expensive the campaigns with these people are…but the returns were always worth the cost.”

Edgar Suppes – Co-founder at


Marcio Delgado is a Journalist, Producer and Influencer Marketing Manager working with brands and publications in Europe, America and Asia.


How to write better emails in 2022




Write better emails. It’s as simple as that. Love them or hate them (let’s be honest, most people hate them), they are the lifeblood of your business. They give your business visibility in a way that no other platform can.

They’re the chips to your burger.

The gin to your tonic.

The strawberries to your cream.

The aisle seat to that flight you take when you have food poisoning and you spend 5 hours running up and down to the toilet on your way from Johannesburg to New York. (True story)

So, how do you write banging emails, that are clear, juicy, and convert the reader into a fan who can’t get enough of you? Let’s explore, shall we?

gif of man throwing glitter - humour

What’s in an email?

Well, hopefully, you. Hopefully your style, your personality, your vibe, your weirdness, your humour. Emails are the single most powerful way to connect with your community. They’re personal. They’re intimate. And they’re something that your subscriber has asked to receive. So, best you make it count.

One of the best ways to do this is to clearly define your brand voice in a way that is authentic and memorable.

1. Subject lines

You’ve got to be creative because the competition in your inbox is stiff. I get dozens of emails every single day. Most of them end up unopened, in the trash. The ones that pique my interest are the ones that have a subject line that stands out. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Use emojis to grab attention
  • Miss-spell a word (sekshual, kerr-azy, ecks-perience)
  • Offer something for free

Mostly, though, you want your subject line to introduce an idea in a way that drives curiosity.

‘Here’s what no one is telling you about X.’

‘That time I saved Madonna’


2. Write to a friend

A lot of my clients tell me that when they sit down to write the email, they go blank. This is normal. Don’t be afraid. The best way to write an email to your list is to think of your best friend and write to them. Seriously. Imagine you’re writing to your bestie. It’ll make your email personal, real, truthful, easy-to-read. And those are the best kinds of emails.

3. The rule of ONE

As much as you possibly can, keep the focus of your email to one thing. If you have a million things going on in your business, and you feel you need to share it all, do it on your social platforms. When it comes to emails, though, you want that baby to be focused and clear. The reader should have no doubt as to what you’re writing about or what action you want them to take.

One focus.

One call to action.

One. Singular sensation.

4. Length

This really is a personal preference. Your email can be as long or as short as you want it to be. It’s true, a lot of people don’t have the time to sit and read through a looooooong email, and might skim through it. But, some readers love sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and reading something substantial. The trick is to know your audience. And write an email that is well-crafted and interesting. If the email is good, people will read it.

5. The scanners

A lot of people will scan your emails. There’s a lot going on in people’s lives and they don’t have time to read everything. So, make this easy for them.

Bold the important bits.

Use italics.

Introduce colour. 🎉💋✨

Make it as easy to consume as possible.

And put a PS on the end with the important stuff. If people skip to the end, make sure they can grab everything they need in the PS.

6. Images

Use images like they’re your bestie. Don’t put them in for the sake of it. Make them speak. I LOVE gifs. I put them in all my emails. They are fun, and they can illustrate a point in a single moment. Images are fantastic and people love them.

7. Give value

Your emails should give value to the reader. Of course we need to sell. We’re in business. It’s vital that we sell. But if every single one of your emails is selling something, your people will unsubscribe quicker than you can build your list.


Building your email list and writing banging emails is one of the most powerful ways you can build your business. It gives your business credibility, it allows you to do valuable market research, and it allows you to convert leads into clients. Write better emails, and watch your business soar.


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Dating app narrows gender pay gap with £60,000 minimum salary for all employees



Woman using a dating app
Feeld, a location-based online dating application for couples and singles users, was launched in 2014. | Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

A dating app with over 20 sexuality and gender options has announced that all employees across the globe will be receiving a minimum salary of £60,000 ($80,000) from January 2022.

The new salary announcement, which will impact close to 40% of Feeld‘s full time staff, comes as the leadership team continues to be as transparent and accountable as possible whilst challenging the industry benchmarks.

The independently-run company, launched in 2014, aims to provide enough compensation so that all employees can live a meaningful and fulfilling life while rethinking existing systems on compensation and working towards a human-centered future of work.

“When reviewing salaries for 2022, we realised that none of the benchmarks or data sets from the job market represented the impact of the work of certain roles within our organisation. They were simply highly undercompensated in the wider job market.” – says Ana Kirova, CEO at Feeld. “We created the Baseline Freedom Salary to compensate for our team’s hard work and ensure unfair gaps in compensation don’t creep in as we grow. We feel it’s crucial all of our employees live meaningful and fulfilling life and fair compensation is key. Hopefully, initiatives like this could serve as examples to spark positive change in other companies, especially in these times of drastic change to the workplace.”

Since being appointed CEO in April 2020, Ana has made crucial changes across the business, which includes forming a leadership team of 60% female-identifying members, over 50% female-identifying newly hired engineers, closing the male-female gender pay gap within the company from 6% to 1%.

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First Centurion Lounge in Europe opens at London Heathrow Airport



American Express VIP Lounge at Heathrow
The lounge at LHR is the first Centurion to partially utilize renewable energy through newly installed solar panels

For those already taking advantage of travel restrictions coming to an end in several holiday hotspots, American Express has opened its first Centurion Lounge in Europe as part of its signature airport lounge program, at London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

Located in Terminal 3, the exclusive space is American Express’ third Centurion Lounge to open this year.

With over 650 square metres, the new lounge features local custom-made design elements and unique amenities, including dedicated workspaces, power outlets, private phone areas, wireless mobile charging, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to American Express Member Services. Other perks include a curated Global Menu by Michelin-Star Chef Assaf Granit as well as a British-Inspired tea cart with hot and cold beverage selections.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Centurion Lounge experience to our Card Members traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport and make their return to travel even more special,” – says Pablo Rivero, Vice President & General Manager of Global Lounge Experiences. “From bespoke interior design to signature bites from a Michelin-Star chef, we continue to raise the bar for airport lounges by providing truly unique, top-notch premium experiences.”

To welcome guests, the lounge’s design taps into British culture. Features include a moss wall that nods to London’s famous Hyde Park and a series of architectural pencil artwork by Minty Sainsbury, allowing the lounge interior to transport visitors on a journey to discover London through design. Custom furniture sourced from UK-based producers Konk, Naughtone and Deadgood, and an art gallery curated by Art Story, including Norman Parkinson’s fashion photography and original pieces by Carne Griffiths and Stephen Marshall, are also part of the project’s décor. Each artwork contains a QR code, so Card Members can digitally engage with it and learn more about the piece and artist. The lounge will also feature luxury and modern lighting designs by Lee Broom and Tom Dixon, two of the UK’s leading product designers in lighting design.

“We are delighted to be the first major hub airport in Europe to host an American Express Centurion Lounge. As travel restrictions continue to ease and key markets open back up, the new Centurion Lounge in Terminal 3 will be a most welcome addition for passengers in need of a quiet place to relax before setting off on their journeys,” says Fraser Brown, Director of Retail and Property at Heathrow.

The Centurion Lounge at LHR is also be the first Centurion Lounge to partially utilize renewable energy through newly installed solar panels. The environmentally-conscious design is in line with American Express’s 2025 environmental goals to reduce energy use across its managed facilities and its recent announcement to commit to net-zero emissions globally by 2035.

Eligible Card Members can find a lounge at the Global Lounge Collection website or by using the American Express® App. They can also check into select Centurion Lounges through the mobile check-in tool within the American Express® App.

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