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How to take advantage of Instagram Remix for your business



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Any feature that Instagram launches should be leveraged by a brand or small business to help reach a wider audience

To tap into the overnight success of TikTok’s Duet feature, where users respond to previously posted short videos by appearing next to it, Instagram recently launched Reel Remix.

As you can guess, it does exactly what the competitor brought to the market first: it allows users to react to existing Reels, a tool launched by Instagram in 2020, and collaborate with creators all over the world.

For young ‘instagrammers’, Instagram Remix is another fun tool to fight boredom – while keeping these users on the app for as long as possible. And because it encourages comedic reactions, challenges and other short format collaborations, the exercise of turning content of seasoned creators into new material – as long as the original creator has enabled their content to be remixed by the public – can be almost addictive.

But how can entrepreneurs take advantage of Instagram Remix for their business?

Firstly, any feature that Instagram launches should be leveraged by a brand or small business to help reach a wider audience, and Instagram Reels Remix feature is no different. And if a social media platform offers you a chance to receive organic reach at no cost, it’s definitely worth a try.

I reached out to creators, marketers, and businesses owners to check out how they are integrating Instagram’s newest tool into their content strategy – and why you should not wait long before doing the same.


Start with allowing others to also use your content

“Remix allows creators to collaborate with each other, branch out to new audiences, and is perfect for businesses to showcase their creativity. It’s a fun and easy way to add a spin to content within your niche and establish yourself as an expert in the industry. This means it is a must for any business content strategy.
Make sure you enable remix on the reels that you have posted for your business, so other creators can remix your videos for extra exposure, free of charge.”

Danielle Hu – Online business coach and founder at The Wanderlover


Be an early adopter

“Any time that Instagram rolls out a new feature, it’s an opportunity for businesses to expand their reach. Instagram has always encouraged users to try its new offerings by boosting the reach of accounts that take advantage of new tools like Remix and severely limiting the reach of accounts that don’t incorporate new tools into their existing social media calendars. Not only will using Remix help your business, but it could improve your reach over the long term.”

Guna Kakulapati – Co-founder at skin care


It is a two-way collaboration

“Instagram Remix brings social media marketing back to its community collaboration roots by allowing brands to put their own spin on existing content created by influencers with similar interests. Not only will this help introduce smaller creators to new communities through story sharing, but it will also provide an opportunity for them to display their brand identity via interactions with other creators.”

Bill Glaser – CEO at


It is a fun tool to be integrated

“The Instagram Remix feature has become a huge part of keeping our content evergreen, as we also started to use its reel feature at the beginning of this year. It is allowing us to build great relationships with other content creators in our niche. While Instagram Reels did a lot for our follower count, the Remix feature has helped us build engagement using audiences from well-established content creators with ease. Also, the feature is really funny.

Alina Clark – Marketing Director at software development company


It is a chance to go viral

“As the new feature allows users to effectively interact with other clips, creating new versions and adding new angles to the original video posted by businesses on Reels, it can help users reach a new audience for free. Just by enabling Remix and publishing a video, your video gets the chance to become viral if a user remixes it and makes it unique.”

Klaus Turc – Co-Founder at EDM Nomad


Leverage your old posts

“Businesses can and should take advantage of the new Instagram feature because it is an easier way to repurpose content. Remixing Reels with new content is a way to create more engagement on posts that probably didn’t receive a lot of interaction before.”

Mehvish Patel – SEO Marketing at


Use Instagram Remix to collaborate with other brands

“Explore remixing with brands that complement your brand. For example, a smaller retailer who sells Rosé wine may collaborate with the local florist on the corner and create a winning Remix. This type of collaboration is a form of partnership marketing where both brands split the cost for a mutually beneficial IG campaign. This is not to be confused with influencer marketing. Brand collaborations are when brands (two or more) team up to create a product offering that works across their combined audiences. Instead of using influencers, you are using tastemakers. Note that it is essential that the Remix content is consistent with your brand’s narrative.”

Wendy K. Bendoni – Professor of Marketing at Woodbury University


Remix may help your brand to get onto the Explore page

“Every new Instagram feature is an opportunity to get onto the Explore page. Use your unique brand voice and point of view to turn popular creators’ content into an opportunity to spread the word about your product or service. You can also use Instagram Remix as a fun new addition to your influencer partnerships, connecting their promotional Reels directly to your business’s Instagram profile.”

Vincent Bradley – Co-Founder at plant-based energy shot company of Proper Wild


How to remix an Instagram Reel

  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the Reel you want to Remix.
  • Next, tap “Remix This Reel.”
  • The user’s original Reel will appear on the left side of the screen, and your camera will open on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap the capture button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording your own video. Or add a video of an already recorded reaction/interaction that is ready to go.
  • Once you tap “Share To” in the bottom-right corner of the screen, it will give you options to add text, stickers and other effects to the post before sharing.
  • Finally, there are options available on the share screen to add a caption to the post or to choose a cover image, before actually sharing it.


In case you get stuck: If you don’t see the Remix option, the user has turned off remixing for that specific Reel, or for their account entirely. This means you won’t be able to use it to remix into new content.



Sky Studios Elstree searches for young talent to join Content Academy



Young cameraman filming a singer
Applications for new roles aimed at launching young people into a career in film and TV close on May 15th | Photo: Kyle Loftus

Sky Studios Elstree is on the search for local candidates, in Hertfordshire, to fill 12 fully paid, year-long placements as part of Sky’s Content Academy, aimed at launching young people into careers in the film and TV industry.

The Studio, which is set to open later this year, is looking for eight school leavers and four recent graduates to work at their brand-new site and is calling out for applicants from Borehamwood, Elstree and the surrounding areas.

For school leavers, the roles include four Runners who will be at the heart of the operations of Sky Studios Elstree, working with the Client Services and Operations teams to provide support to some of the biggest productions filming in the UK. There’s also one Rigging and three Lighting roles to be filled and this team will play a critical role in providing set lighting and equipment to clients filming at the studios.

“Elstree and Borehamwood is synonymous with producing world-class film & TV and, as long-term partners in the local area, we are excited to create these new opportunities for young people who want to get in to the industry. These roles allow us to break down barriers to entry, by enabling applicants without previous film or TV experience to secure a paid, full-time role at the heart of the UK’s newest studio. These 12 new roles, on top of the jobs already created locally at the studio, are just the first intake of placements and we’re excited to announce more as we ready for opening later this year.” – says Caroline Cooper, COO at Sky Studios.

When it opens later this year, Sky Studios Elstree will house 13 studios and enable £3bn of production investment over the first five years of operation.

The graduate roles include Senior Runner and Client Services and Operations Trainee positions. These candidates will be responsible for everything from coordinating the runner team, attending production meetings to overall studio operation support. The positions are designed to give people starting out in their career a broad understanding of what goes into productions and the vast range of opportunities available, as well as allowing them to build up their on-set experience and production network.

This opportunity follows Sky’s yearlong partnership with Elstree Screen Arts Academy, coaching students in a documentary project celebrating Elstree & Borehamwood’s rich film and TV heritage. This summer, ESA students will receive first-hand production experience as part of a 6-week summer internship on a variety of Sky Studios productions.

These new roles come after Sky Studios Elstree announced a local recruitment drive late last year for a range of operational roles and for facilities support across the site including security, cleaners and maintenance.

Applications for new roles aimed at launching young people into a career in film and TV close on May 15th  and for further information visit:

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Applications for the 2022 Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant are open until May 20



Young athlete getting ready
In 2021, more than 9,000 athletes benefited from Airbnb athlete support programs, representing more than $4 million in direct support | Photo: Anastase Maragos

Airbnb has opened applications for the next edition of the Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The program, which was launched in 2021, offers up to 500 athletes a year $2,000 USD travel grant to use exclusively on the accommodation platform as they travel, train, and compete and will run through 2028.

Last year 500 athletes representing 125 countries and 63 sports benefitted from the Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant program, including Canoe sprint athlete Saied Fazloula, who represented the Refugee Olympic Team at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020:

’’I used my Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant for multiple trips before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, including for a training camp and other competitions. It’s incredibly valuable to have this support as a refugee – Airbnb has provided not only a grant, but also a clear head so that I can concentrate on my sport.” – acknowledges Fazloula.

Applications will close on May 20, 2022 at 1:59 pm PDT. The Airbnb Athlete Travel Grant can only be used towards Stays in association with training, medical, or competition-related travel, and is not intended for non-sports-related personal use.

To find out more and apply, visit:

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Top 10 cities for sourcing highly skilled talent in Europe



Young European male professional working on a computer
Forecast: 30-40% of employees are expected to be part of hybrid work settings

A new report by Forrester, a research and advisory firm, has ranked Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen as the top European hotspots for businesses to recruit highly skilled talent.

Navigating The Leading Skill Clusters Across Europe, ranks 50 cities to help tech and business leaders establish where to source the skills needed for the future. The focus on digital transformation efforts, an aging population, increasing automation, and continued pandemic-related disruptions have created a skills gap in Europe.

The recent study also highlights that Europe‘s heterogeneous skill landscape is led by the North and West. Top ranked cities like Helsinki and Berlin offer a highly educated and diverse workforce with above average language skills and a business-friendly regulatory framework.

“The focus on green and digital revolution coupled with the socio-economic changes have created a noticeable skills gap in Europe, which can be debilitating for business growth,” – says Dan Bieler, principal analyst at Forrester. “To prepare for the future of work, European businesses need to hire talent adept at both technical and soft skills. The Nordics region is teeming with precisely this kind of talent. Recruiting talent from emerging hubs like the Nordics will allow European businesses to accelerate digital transformation efforts and drive long-term business growth.”

The top 10 cities also include Berlin, Hamburg, Oslo, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, and Amsterdam. London, often known as Europe’s tech hub, was ranked 19th — largely due to stringent immigration rules post-Brexit, resulting in London, Manchester, and Birmingham sliding in rankings.

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